Senate Dems Want to Decide What You Should Be When You Grow Up

I hate to tell you I told you so, but I told you so.:  For years I’ve preached, he who controls the money, controls the choices.:  Entitlement comes at a very high price, typically at a loss of freedom.

Senate Democrats have now proposed the Protecting Students from Worthless Degrees Act intended to grant the Government the power to approve or disapprove of which majors and courses along with which schools you will be allowed to choose when you receive a Federal Student Loan or Grant.

One co-sponsor of the bill, U.S. Senator Barbara A. Mikulski (D-Md.), proudly says on her website, “I’m for choice and opportunity in higher education, but we cannot be enablers of debt without empowerment.”

Is anyone else picking up on the hypocrisy of her statement?

Aside from Mrs. Mikulski, the co-sponsors of the bill also include Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) and Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.). They argue that many students attend schools which do not leave them with the appropriate accreditation upon graduating.:  But how much further could this bill go at deciding where you should attend and what degree you should obtain?

“Most Americans would be outraged to learn that their tax dollars are going to education programs that do not meet the basic requirements needed for their graduates to enter their chosen profession,”: Senator Harkin: said.:  “It simply does not make sense for students to waste their federal financial aid and for veterans to use their hard-earned education benefits to attend a school that offers worthless degrees.:  This legislation will help ensure that students graduate with the qualifications necessary to find a job in the field that they studied.”

In March, Forbes reported that 60% of college grads can’t find work in their field of study. They referred to them as “generation jobless”.:  But much of that blame doesn’t fall onto the shoulders of their field of study or college but the poor economy and the lack of jobs.

In a competitive job market choosing a particular generalized major may increase your chances in landing a job, but since when should the Government be allowed to tell you what you can and cannot choose what is best for your life?:  It is the individual’s responsibility to make certain the institution they have chosen will offer them the accreditation they will need upon graduation.

Tom Harkin says most Americans would be “outraged” that our tax dollars are being “wasted”.

A student getting an education is the last thing I’m outraged over my tax dollars being used for.

I’m outraged over the fact that in 2011 I paid for…

-: : : : :  $75,000 dollars of taxpayer money going to the promotion of Christmas trees. Hey, isn’t that against separation of church and state?

-: : : : :  Or iPads for an entire Maine school districts Kindergarten classes to the tune of $100,000 dollars. Never mind the fact they likely can’t read yet.

-: : : : :  Taxpayer Money Supported an International Art Exhibition — (Venice, Italy) to the tune of $350,000 for exhibits like Armed Freedom Lying on a Sunbed which shows a statue lying in a tanning bed.

-: : : : :  The Department of Agriculture‘s Market Access Program (MAP) spends $200 million annually to subsidize already prosperous industries like the cotton industry.

-: : : : :  Then we spent $12 Million on a failed Energy-Saving project in Pakistan — (U.S. Agency for International Development)

If that’s not enough to outrage you, feel free to check out the entire list of 70 mentioned in Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn’s Wastebook for 2011.

That’s the type of spending that is outrageous, not giving students loans who are obtaining an education.:  Students graduating with degrees that haven’t necessarily prepared them for the real world is nothing new.:  But that’s where the government gets out of the way and allows Americans to make the best choice for themselves.

These Democratic Senators argue they have some say in student’s choices since the Government is fitting the bill. : Our lives are not their choice.:  We still have the right to the pursuit of happiness even if they don’t like it.

Every time the Government hands out money, they believe they have a right to some control over the individual receiving that money or subsidy.:  And therein lays the danger.

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