Solar Energy Oppresses Fish

Government-mandated green energy is wonderful for the crony capitalists at GE, but not so nice for animals. Not only do the hideous windmills sprouting up on our dime hack birds to pieces, now we learn that solar panels kill off the insects fish need for food.

Solar panels might be a cornerstone of green energy, but new research shows that they may have a dark side: the panels are a mesmerizing, lethal attraction to certain aquatic insects, drawing them to the panels’ surface and trapping them there until they die.

“It’s like these organisms become dazzled to death,” said Bruce Robertson of Michigan State University’s W.K. Kellogg Biological Station in Hickory Corners who led the study. “It’s like going to the most amazing 3D movie you’ve ever seen and you can’t leave. They just fly and fly and fly over these surfaces, and they get exhausted and die.”

Kind of like liberal journalists watching an endless loop of Comrade Obama’s teleprompter readings. But insects are much more useful than liberal journalists.

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The potential insect losses are important, Robertson said, because the insects provide food for fish and other aquatic species. “Aquatic insects are a fundamentally important base of the aquatic food web,” he said.

No problem. Although every program imposed by the government results in negative unintended consequences, these can be dealt with by imposing more government programs. When the Census is over, BHO can keep the unemployment numbers looking less awful by paying the unemployed to sprinkle fish food wherever the aquatic insects go missing. Borrowing a few hundred $billion more from the ChiComs ought to cover it.

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