Militant Gays Demand to Donate Risky Blood

The shrieking fairies of the homosexual rights movement must figure that everyone bends over too far to be nice to them for them to maintain their privileged role as put-upon victims. That would explain why they go so far out of their way to infuriate anyone with less patience than a saint. This ought to work – they’re demanding the right to donate their possibly AIDS-tainted blood:

Gay rights organizations say the regulation [forbidding blood donation by homosexual men] discriminates against gay and bisexual men. They point out that heterosexual men who have had sex with an HIV-positive partner or a prostitute are barred from donating blood for only 12 months after that contact.

Could it be that homosexuals tend to wallow in a shockingly degenerate lifestyle that makes it much likelier that their blood is infected? Yes it could:

The FDA, explaining the current policy, points out that men who have had sex with men since 1977 have an HIV prevalence that’s 60 times higher than the general population. The agency contends its first obligation is to ensure the safety of the blood supply.

However, politically correct posturing and pandering to the homosexual lobby are much more important than the safety of the blood supply. Just ask Hanoi John Kerry:

Still, a group of U.S. senators and representatives, led by Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts and Rep. Mike Quigley of Illinois, this week asked the FDA to end its “discriminatory” ban.

They’ll probably get their way, considering the caliber of the people running Washington. Already the travel ban on HIV carriers entering the country has been lifted, to the accompaniment of Obamanation Administration duckspeak about stigma and stereotypes.

At least if a little kid goes in for a blood transfusion and consequently dies slowly of a horrific disease that is normally only acquired by those who ask for it, he can crawl to his grave with the satisfaction of knowing that no perverts were stigmatized.

Here’s an idea for Obama’s Science Czar John Holdren: instead of sterilants, maybe he could find some way to put AIDS in the water supply. If everyone had AIDS, we would achieve equality — what a triumph over the stereotyping indulged in by bigots who associate diseases with high-risk behavior!

On a tip from Ianto. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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