The Apocalypse Is In China Ahead Of Climate Talks Or Something

Once again, we see a real environmental problem placed under the banner of ‘climate change’, reducing the actual environmental problem to a lower status

Apocalyptic China scenes ahead of climate talks

China probably doesn’t want you looking at these photos right now, especially since the world is less than three weeks away from the much-anticipated UN climate change conference in Paris.

Thick, toxic smog blanketed the country’s northeast over the weekend, reaching levels more than 50 times what the World Health Organization considers safe.

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In Shenyang, a city of more than 8 million people, pollution readings were “the highest ever,” according to Greenpeace.

There are multiple tweets which show the air quality, something we’ve seen many, many times

Apocalyptic scenes such as these are common in northern China during the winter, when the country cranks up its coal-fired public heating systems to keep people warm.

And that’s how this whole thing ties into Hotcoldwetdry. The use of so many poor quality coal plants for energy is certainly an environmental issue for Chinese citizens: on one hand, they avoid freezing to death. On the other, spectacular, sorry, apocalyptic air pollution. Rather than dealing with the actual environmental problem as it stands, these fools must make it all about climate change. It’s idiotic.

And apocalyptic. In the runup to Paris, the words of the season are apocalypse and Armageddon.

  • The earth is slowly slipping into an environmental apocalypse.
  • The horsemen of the climate change apocalypse are almost upon us and their advance guard is here.
  • Waterlogged cities might seem like stuff of the post-apocalypse, but that post-apocalypse might come as soon as a single generation.

Those are just a smattering of gloom and doom stories out there from the Cult of Climastrology. These people are depressing. And constantly conflate real environmental issues, such as air pollution, with their pet cause, ‘climate change’, which turns the real issue into a minor one.

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