Entitled Snowflakes Protest Free Speech Panel, Spit On Attendees

This bit of Typical Liberal College Student Insanity comes to us via Alex Griswold at Mediaite, but, let’s start with commentor Greyhound

Appeasement only makes the aggressor more aggressive. And the students will be emboldened to push universities around the country even harder. Now they have to restore order one way or another. Now it seems to me the options are either some combination of parental and university action on their part, until they give in – or – the police hit them. A mass arrest.

The cops at Mizzoula have joined in. The universities originally started the PC movement, and is run by far left liberals, and a goodly chunk of the teachers and staffers are the same. They’ve reap what they have sown. Parents? It’s possible, mostly in terms of saying “you’re on your own for the cost of education”.

A group of Yale students interrupted and later protested a panel extolling the virtues of free speech.

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The conservative William F. Buckley, Jr. Program held a free speech panel Friday featuring the Freedom for Individual Rights in Education’s Greg Luikianoff and National Review‘s Kevin Williamson. The purpose of the panel was thebacklash and screaming protests on Yale’s campus after an associate master sent an email contesting the University’s stance on offensive Halloween costumes.

During the panel, a student began posting signs around the room reading “Stand with your sisters of color. Now, here. Always, everywhere.” When a security guard asked him to leave, the student refused. The incident was caught on camera.

Earlier in his remarks, Lukianoff mocked those who were hysterical about Associate Master Erika Christakis‘ email about Halloween costumes. “Looking at the reaction to Erika Christakis’s email, you would have thought someone wiped out an entire Indian village,” he joked.

Griswold then points to a Yale Daily News article and the “comical overreaction” by the students (2015-2016 tuition $46,500, total fees $66,893). As Rick Moran notes, regarding the resignation of a beloved teacher at Mizzou who refused to cancel a test and told students to stand up to bullies “Beloved or not, he did not obey the fascists who have now taken over the school because the adults have abdicated. Infants are running the nursery and it’s a school holiday with ice cream for all whenever they want it.” Where are the adults? Who’s running these schools? Why are schools that cost large sums of money, including to the taxpayer, essentially acting as babysitting services for adult age delinquents?

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