Warren Buffett Tries to Keep Secret How Many Birds His Wind Turbines Kill

The zillionaire Obama supporter Warren Buffett is the quintessential crony capitalist. It should surprise no one that he is invested in green energy, the quintessential crony capitalist boondoggle.

Apparently Buffett has been falling behind on his donations to the Democrat Party:

Pacificorp — an energy company owned by Warren Buffett’s holding company, Berkshire Hathaway — is suing Obama’s Interior Department.

The surprising reason: Interior is going to follow the Freedom of Information Act and disclose to an Associated Press reporter how many birds are killed by Pacificorp’s wind farms. Pacificorp is suing to block the disclosure. …

Wind farms definitely kill birds. If the AP finds that it kills a lot of birds — and particularly endangered species of birds — that could diminish the industry’s valuable image as an earth-friendly source of energy.

Pony up, Warren! There’s an election in only 2 years, so the Party needs the money. You need to keep buying pull if you want your friends in Washington to keep a lid on how many birds your virtually useless (but no doubt heavily subsidized) wind turbines kill.

A noisy and nearly useless Cuisinart of the air.

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