Watch this California sheriff as he delivers a message to Obama he’ll never forget [Video]

In the political football that illegal immigration has morphed into over time, the Left has made it all about race, victimhood and faux justice. Sheriff Jones strips those misconceptions away in his eloquent, hard hitting message to Obama – just let us do our jobs. He should know as an illegal alien criminal, who had been deported four times and had no repercussions for his crimes, cold bloodily shot in the head and killed his deputy. Another deputy was also killed and an innocent civilian was shot in the face during a car jacking. Criminals like these are exploding across the US, turning it into a third world hellhole and these monsters walk free among us to murder, rape, rob and terrorize our families and neighborhoods. The President is solely responsible for this mess and the hands off policy by the government and the Border Patrol.

From Rare:

Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones laid into President Obama over immigration reform in a recently posted video, telling the story of two of his deputies who were killed by an illegal immigrant who had already been deported twice.

Jones did not blame Obama for the deaths, but used their example to show why meaningful immigration reform is necessary.

“Only you are singularly responsible for the hands-off policy that exists within Homeland Security and its subsidiaries, including the Customs and Border Protection,” the sheriff said. “They don’t need a raise to improve morale, they need to be allowed to do their job.”

“This is not about racism,” he added. “It is about an increasingly violent and uncertain world in which we are inadequately protected.”

Jones said that securing the border and providing documentation are the first steps that need to be taken.

The president is set to announce his immigration blueprint today.

It is Obama’s failure alone that we do not have secure borders and immigration reform. Let me state that our immigration system is not broken in my opinion. Our laws are not being enforced to further a political agenda. If you play by the rules, you can come here and live and contribute. But doing away with deportations brings millions into the shadows and crime will flourish. The President knows this and is guilty of the biggest Constitutional breach of law in our history. The King is a Marxist fink and don’t be fooled by the political doublespeak of a forked tongued liar.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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