Britain’s Growing Green Party Plunges Deeper Into Authoritarian Lunacy

Formerly great Britain is circling the drain as it is, but the situation will become far worse if the country’s fastest growing political movement gets its way. The Green Party’s existing policies are bad enough; as it gains momentum, it is doubling down on malevolent moonbattery with new policy proposals that would turn Britain into a cross between an impoverished socialist dictatorship, a hippy commune, and a lunatic asylum:

The proposed policies come on top of the party’s existing platform of legalising hard drugs and brothels, placing new restrictions on advertising and air travel, imposing taxes on large presents and pop stars and cutting economic growth to zero in order to protect the planet.

Under the plans to be debated by members, Article Five of the UN Declaration of Human Rights – stating “no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment” – would be extended to “all sentient life forms”.

A NRO points out, flies are sentient.

The plans would impose the same prison sentences for the killing, torture or “kidnapping” of dolphins, whales, apes and elephants as would occur for equivalent crimes committed against humans.

Presumably swatting mosquitos would also be regarded as murder.

Members also propose a ban on commercial horse and dog racing.

Racing supposedly oppresses the animals, whose interests come first. Moonbats will always side with the other: nonwhites over whites, Muslims over Christians, foreigners over the native-born, animals over humans. If hostile aliens invade from outer space, liberals will side with them and expect to be congratulated for it.

In a move that would increase the cost of living for young families, the party membership proposes new levies on the manufacturers of disposable nappies, which account for up to six per cent of household waste and can take decades to degrade.

Sanitation and raising a family are two things leftists are unlikely to reward.

The Greens believe that the money spent maintaining a nuclear deterrence should be spent on foreign aid, increasing the budget to £16 billion a year, or one per cent of GDP.

Foreign aid money is used to build armies and palaces for Third World dictators.

Another proposal is to “build one or more hospital ships to provide worldwide humanitarian aid and support”.

Meanwhile, the Britons who would be forced to pay for all this make do with substandard healthcare, because the industry has been nationalized. Patients have been reduced to drinking the water out of flower vases lest they die of dehydration while waiting for a nurse.

They will also propose the creation of Forest Schools, so that children can build their “self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a woodland or natural environment with trees”.

The classrooms would probably look something like this:

There’s more:

Under plans to rewrite the rules of global trade, goods would be banned from entering the UK if they are made in factories that do not comply with British health and safety standards or do not pay a living wage.

The results of demanding that the whole world conform to their dictates would include a decline in trade and a steep rise in prices, hurting everyone both in Britain and in the countries doing the manufacturing. Hit hardest would be the poor, whom moonbats pretend to champion.

Even lotteries would get the fun stomped out of them by these militant egalitarians:

As for those who enjoy a Saturday night flutter, members propose that “rather than creating a few millionaires, we would seek to make the lottery more progressive by dividing prize money into smaller chunks.”

Progressivism never stops progressing. So long as anyone is doing anything productive, so long as there is a whiff of freedom anywhere, leftists’ mission to impose utopia has not been completed. Achieving the lunatic proposals above would only whet their appetite for still more outlandish extremes of sanctimonious tyranny.

Yet instead of getting pushback, their movement grows, feeding on the West’s lack of belief in itself like some suppurating infection on an untreated wound.

On a tip from Steve T. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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