Court Forces Military to Pretend Bradley Manning Isn’t Male

Some liberals honestly believe they can control the very climate if they can just remove the last restraints on government power. Why not? They can already control biological reality through autocratic decree; at least they presume to:

Chelsea [a.k.a. Bradley] Manning, the US army soldier serving 35 years in prison for leaking a huge stash of state secrets, has won a small but significant victory in [his] bid to transition to living as a woman.

Manning has taken on the might of the US military, challenging its ongoing refusal to refer to [him] as a woman, and won. A court order from the US army court of criminal appeals instructs the military to refer to the soldier in all future official correspondence either using the gender neutral “Private First Class Manning” or employing the feminine pronoun.

As a result, the military is henceforth forbidden from referring to Manning as a man.

Any sane civilization would have executed Bradley Manning for treason long ago. His spiteful leak of a large number of secret documents likely got many people killed. But our society devotes itself to forcing people to indulge him in his morbid delusion that he is a female.

No judge will need to impose such a decree on the media. Journalists appear to be eager to lie to their readers by using the wrong pronoun to refer to deviants pretending to be the opposite sex.

According to the philosophy of oligarchical collectivism as Orwell describes it in 1984, if you control language, you control thought. If you control thought, you control reality. Yet 2 + 2 is still 4, and Bradley Manning is still a man, even if the most contemptible one imaginable.

bradley manning
Bradley Manning: What they want to reduce us to.

On a tip from Gary C. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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