Britain’s Welfare State: The Model of Unsustainability

Moonbats like to use the word “unsustainable.” How’s this for unsustainable?

A jobless couple rake in £95,000 in state benefits a year — and even have breakfast delivered to the door each morning, courtesy of the taxpayer.

The money — five times the starting salary of a teacher — goes to unemployed Pete and Sam Smith and their ten children, who live in a rentfree four-bedroom house.

After trashing their last house, the Smiths were moved to a large £1,000-week house last month. The new accommodations do not meet with their requirements:

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Mrs Smith, 36, complained that the house was too small, the breakfast portions too stingy and said she could afford to buy her brood only one Nintendo Wii games console between them.

She claims she is also forced to pay £100 a week to keep her five cats in a cattery.

‘It’s very cramped here,’ she told the News of the World. ‘We’ve been told we might not be given a new house for another nine months, which is ridiculous.

‘The breakfast supplied by the council isn’t like proper hot food. It’s usually eggs, beans, tinned tomatoes and cereal, which isn’t really enough for us all and we have to heat it up ourselves.’

The Smiths haven’t worked since the mister resigned from the Army in 2001. Why would they? In a country run by progressives, not working is far more remunerative.

The total with child benefits is £44,954. They then receive a £950-aweek bed-and-breakfast deal where the council pays for breakfasts delivered to their home, which comes to £49,400 — a total of £94,354 a year.

In exchange, taxpayers don’t even get gratitude. Welfare parasites are like Muslims, race grievance mongers, and other opportunists who thrive under liberalism — the more you give them, the more strident their indignant demands.

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