Brits on Dole Deliberately Botch Job Interviews

Make the safety net hammock comfy enough, destigmatize dependency, demonize ambition, and this can be expected:

Benefits claimants are deliberately behaving ridiculously in job interviews because they don’t want to get off the dole, according to a small business boss.

Care home manager Shaun Drury says that many of the unemployed people he has interviewed have turned up in a shellsuit, given him high fives and spoken in one-word sentences.

The job-seekers’ performance has in some cases been so weak that he has concluded they are looking for an excuse to avoid giving up their benefits.

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Unemployed people must sign up for job interviews even if they don’t actually want to work, because otherwise they face having their handouts withdrawn.

But of course it is all a charade. They don’t want jobs, and the government doesn’t want them to have jobs. They would rather vote for a living, and the government is happy to buy their votes with welfare payments. Those who still work for a living to support this corrupt system are effectively slaves.

Welfare state interview attire.

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