Labour Leader’s Economic Advisor: It’s Not Your Money, It’s the Government’s Money

As noted previously, the new leader of Britain’s Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn is cut of the same cloth as Bernie Sanders — that is to say, he is a commie. Corbyn’s chief economic advisor is Richard Murphy. Here is what Murphy has to say about the property rights of British subjects:

[Murphy has] claimed taxpayers’ money was NOT their own – and was instead the state’s “rightful property”.

Murphy said: “I would suggest that we don’t as such pay taxes. The funds that they represent are, I suggest, in fact the property of the state.

“After all, if we give the state the power to define what we can own, how we can own it and, to a very large degree, what we can do with it – and we do – then I would argue that we also give the state the right to say that some part of what we earn or own is actually its rightful property and that we have no choice but pay that tax owed as the quid pro quo of the benefit we enjoy from living in community.

Murphy went on: “Well let me inform you that there is no such thing as ‘taxpayers’ money’: it is the government’s money to do what it will with in accordance with the mandate it has been given and for which it will have to account.”

He’s right of course. Slaves cannot own property. Any wealth they generate beneath the lash belongs to their owners. Our owners are the State, until such a time as we throw it off our backs.

…and progressivism is communism by increments.

On a tip from Torcer. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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