Squatters Riot in Berlin, Injure 120 Cops

Dallas isn’t the only place where leftist corrosion has resulted in violence against police. From Berlin:

Police say more than 120 officers were injured and 86 demonstrators were detained during leftist riots in the German capital which police call “the most aggressive and violent protests in the last five years.”

Berlin police said in a statement Sunday that protesters threw bottles, cobblestones and fireworks, destroyed cars and attacked officers. …

About 3,500 protesters participated in the rallies, which started Saturday evening and lasted until early Sunday. Activists had called for the demonstration to protest against police operations at buildings taken over [by] the squatters in the eastern part of the city last month.

The squatters object to “gentrification,” which often entails property owners asking the police to expel unlawful intruders so that their properties can be utilized to create wealth, thereby benefitting society.

Long ago, humans climbed out of the jungle by developing the concept of property rights. Some people think the development of human civilization is a straight line moving upward. Lately it looks more like a wheel that climbs up until it reaches a vertex and then rotates back downward toward the nadir of pure savagery.

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