College Sends These DISTURBING Acceptance Letters, CONGRATS! YOU WILL BE RAPED HERE…

College Sends These DISTURBING Acceptance Letters, CONGRATS! YOU WILL BE RAPED HERE…

Here’s another of the Left’s newest cultural aggressions – assaulting high school seniors with the myth that one in five women will be raped on a college campus.

The “one in five” allegation is a patent untruth and it has been exposed repeatedly as such (Prager University did an excellent video a few weeks ago covering the abject dishonesty behind it and what the spreading of that lie is aimed to achieve), but it sounds good and it’s powerful fuel for the Left’s efforts at fighting “rape culture” on college campuses, so it persists.

And in this case it persists with obnoxious letters like this one.

rape letter

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From the Daily Mail:

A disturbing new ad campaign aims to highlight the dark side of college culture by showing prospective students celebrating admissions offers while reading out their sexual assault records.

A series of videos, shot in a realistic mobile phone shot style, shows teenagers gleefully opening their acceptance letters while reeling off shocking statistics.

Am image for the Don’t Accept Rape campaign, aimed at high school seniors, shows a mock letter congratulating a female applicant on being accepted to university before going on to say that she will be sexually assaulted there.

There is one overriding purpose behind shocking and obnoxious attempts at advocacy such as these – to destroy the morale of people not dependent on the Left for their livelihood or self-esteem. If you are going to college to develop marketable skills and get a good job, you could well end up a Republican after you graduate, and you must be shamed and made to feel guilty about the injustice and atrocity you are turning away from – whether it actually exists or not. And therefore, you must be distracted from pursuit of real-life success and induced to participate in some form of leftist advocacy they choose for you.

One in five women on campus being raped is a travesty on a scale which requires a massive effort among every student to resolve. That it is a falsehood is immaterial to its urgent importance, you see.

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