BREAKING: Court Makes THIS MASSIVE Ruling On Bathrooms – It Will Make Your Head Spin…

While we are watching the states of North Carolina and Mississippi wade through bad publicity and boycotts by left-wing recording artists and comedians over their attempts to pass laws preserving single-sex bathrooms and the like, the federal judiciary might have just blown apart any semblance of sanity over the question whether men can be kept out of women’s bathrooms and vice versa.

Chaos has descended.

From Allen West:

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G.G. is a young girl who announced not long ago that she is a boy and had always felt like a boy. Her parents allowed this to proceed, and the School District allowed her use a private bathroom that was also open to all other students. The girl said this caused her anxiety and she demanded use of the boys’ restroom.
The school administration relented, but parents at the school revolted and took the issue to the school board. The board determined said the girl would be required to use either the girl’s restroom or the private restroom which they had provided for her, an accommodation allowed by Title IX.

G.G. took her case to court and lost, but then appealed to the Fourth Circuit and won. What a surprise. The majority was led by Judge Henry Floyd, an Obama appointee.

“Birth-assigned sex” is one of the main arguments of the trans-ideology — that science is trumped by desire, that no one is biologically male or female, and that people can create our own “gender identity.” Some advocates of this new creationism even argue that sex should be left blank at birth so each child may more easily create their own gender identity.

Actual scientists, like for example those at Johns Hopkins who have made the decision to no longer perform sex-change operations, do not believe in the basic narrative that people are born with a different sex than they’re wired to be. The truth is the suicide rate among post-op transsexuals is nearly 40 percent. That’s something you won’t hear from your betters in the social justice movement who have now adopted the transgender crowd as the new vanguard in their attempts to rip society apart at the seams.

And we’re now going to see public bathrooms turned into social engineering experiments, turning virtually every foray in the public sphere into a potential trauma for the normal and the sane.

With your morale as an inevitable casualty.

Which is entirely the point of this entire exercise. When you as a normal, productive, law-abiding citizen no longer feel safe in your daily life and when you no longer believe society tolerates you and your lifestyle, you will become dissociated with society and you will be willing to give up your liberty in exchange for order and stability. And you will find a friendly member of the Left willing to make that exchange with you.

They want you to settle for less. There is power in it for them. Until you do they will inflict every kind of insanity on you that they can. The transgender bathroom lunacy is only the latest missile; it isn’t the last.

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