SHERIFF Sends THIS DIRE Warning To Americans – Our Borders Are Out Of Control, Be Prepared…

SHERIFF Sends THIS DIRE Warning To Americans – Our Borders Are Out Of Control, Be Prepared…

There is so little candor and honest discussion of crucial national policy among America’s political class these days that when an example does arise it seems shocking.

Such was the case earlier this week with Charles Jenkins, the sheriff of Frederick County, Maryland, launched into a description of the damage that criminal illegal aliens are doing in his jurisdiction and warned that if something isn’t done to rein in the invasion of illegals into the country, there will be no place left untouched.


From the Daily Caller:

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In testimony before Congress Tuesday, a Maryland sheriff said amnesty for minors has led to increased gang crime and warned that without a secure border every county will be a “border county.”

“Open borders, reckless sanctuary policies, and failure to enforce our immigration laws have greatly impacted public safety and national security throughout every jurisdiction of this country. Every single day, more Americans are becoming victims of senseless crimes, being injured and killed by criminal aliens, many are transnational gang members,” said Sheriff Charles Jenkins of Frederick County, Md.

Frederick County is about 40 miles from Washington, D.C. Jenkins said that his cooperation with Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) through the Department of Homeland Security’s 287(g) has helped rid his county of many illegal aliens.

“We have very effectively built a wall around Frederick County, given the fact that most surrounding jurisdictions do nothing or very little to cooperate with ICE,” Jenkins testified before the Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security.

The 287(g) program allows local governments to enforce federal law on immigration. As Jenkins notes, the Obama administration has gutted the program and made it difficult if not impossible to round up criminal illegals for deportation – something which even the most open-borders advocate has to agree is a basic fundamental action crucial to creating a reality around which some national consensus on immigration can be formed.

Immigration is without question a hairy issue and it always has been throughout American history. That said, people of good faith can come to a workable compromise on the issue and then enforce that compromise into a working policy agenda. The problem is we have no reason to believe the Obama administration and its supporters are people of good faith on immigration. They see the presence of millions of illegals in this country, with millions more on the way, as an opportunity to ultimately manufacture bloc Democrat voters that will fundamentally change the American electorate in ways that all but eliminate their political opposition.

And that can’t be compromised with.

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