Shrinking Stature

Symbolism is everything when it comes to international diplomacy. Vladimir Putin’s and Chinese President Xi Jinping’s prominent positions front and center in this official photo of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting are no random accident. Neither is Hanoi John Kerry’s spot back by the curtain (click for full size):


Presumably Obama would warrant a front row position as head of state, but he is too busy watching his ham-fisted shutdown maneuver blow up in his face to attend to America’s international interests, which never much interested him anyway — leaving others to dominate.

In other Reset Button news, Russia recently showed off its naval might in our backyard as a guest of rabidly anti-American Venezuela. As soon as they figure out what the USA might have done to offend Putin, liberal State Department bureauweenies will make it all better by sending a letter of apology.

Russia has also been increasing its spending on nuclear weapons, as Obama cuts back our own so as to pay for more food stamps.

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Under Obama, we are going from the sole superpower to an afterthought. His supporters wanted America taken down a few pegs. They must not be disappointed.

Hat tip: Business Insider. Tips from Leading From Behind, Vlad Doesn’t Fear the Bathhouse Boy, and Boris Kulak. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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