Stamps Destroyed Due to Safety Concerns

Political correctness is fundamentally transforming America into something that would make a vulture barf so fast, not even bureauweenies can keep up with it. The U.S. Postal service prepared an entire run of stamps reportedly based on the Bitter Half’s “Let’s Move” initiative. But as if Big Government weren’t already wasting enough of our money, all the stamps were destroyed. Postal Blog reports why:

With the Just Move! stamp issuance the U.S. Postal Service hoped to raise awareness about the importance of physical activity in achieving a healthy lifestyle. However, according to Linns Stamp News, the USPS will be destroying the entire press run after receiving concerns from the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition over alleged “unsafe” acts depicted on three of the stamps (cannonball dive, skateboarding without kneepads and a headstand without a helmet). (There’s also a batter without a batting helmet, a girl balancing on a slippery rock, and a soccer player without kneepads or shin pads.)

In the face of this onslaught against what little remains of our dignity, even Barstool Sports is prepared to give up:

I surrender. I have nothing left to say. I can’t even blog this. The post office being forced to destroy stamps because kids aren’t wearing safety equipment in the pictures? On stamps? It’s so surreal I can’t even believe it’s true. What’s next? Cartoons animals need to wear helmets? Hey America… we lost.

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A more appropriate stamp would feature someone wearing a straitjacket and bicycle helmet being fed from a baby bottle labeled LIBERALISM.

Forever came to a quick end for the Just Move! stamps.

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