“DON’T #PrayForNice” – BLM Angry At Media For Covering Terror Attack And Not Them

“DON’T #PrayForNice” – BLM Angry At Media For Covering Terror Attack And Not Them

I don’t think I’ve ever known of a more OBNOXIOUS people than those that belong to BLM. Just maybe there are a few people in the crowd of BLM activists that are actually passionate and believe in something that is worth considering, but they are absolutely being CRUSHED by all the loud mouth, obnoxious pieces of vile scum that are only in it to be assholes. They have created a plague of police hatred and anti-white sentiment that seems to be catching fire among stupid people.

By stupid people I mean all the celebrities who act like they care, to stay relevant. The white folks who have always wanted to be a part of a ‘cool’ crowd, which newflash…joining BLM is not joining the cool crowd, it’s being inducted into a terrorist group. I bet your parents are so proud. Then there is the Queen of Pandering, Hillary.

I take back my previous statement, BLM is not the most obnoxious… no, that title goes to the hag, Hillary Clinton.

I digress..

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Look what BLM members are saying since the heinous attack on innocents yesterday in NICE. Leave it to these dirt bags to really make a-holes of themselves like no one else can.


From Breitbart:

Black Lives Matter (BLM) supporters have claimed the deadly terrorist attack in France was “to make people lose attention” [sic] in their movement and focus on “white” lives instead.
“Ok I’ve come to the conclusion that what happened in Nice was to make people lose attention off [sic] #BlackLivesMatter and focus and unite against us”, wrote Twitter user Semsa, who is based in London but says “Egypt’s the motherland”. She has since made her account private.

“Don’t #PrayForNice we are fighting a civil war against whites. #BLM”, tweeted Franklin Omar, an activist who also appears to be from London, and describes himself as a “Muslim”.


“I’m seeing all this ignorant hate for Muslims. THESE PEOPLE AREN’T MUSLIM. #PrayForNice #Nice #NotAllMuslims”, wrote Mr. Omar later. Adding:

“Your women are ours now. Allah (pbuh) has promised them to us. Piss off white crusader, watch as Rome burns”, and, “lol we’ve already won Europe, USA can’t do anything against the caliphate white pussy, USA men cant fuck, good luck.”

“It’s sad to see all these people saying Pray for Nice, France but you guys can’t even say Black Lives Matter”, tweeted California-based model and BLM supporter Klarivel Garcia.

“As sad as it is to hear about France I’m even more sad [sic] that now the media will push #BlackLivesMatter even further back in the que [sic]”, wrote a Los Angeles-based BLM activist.

“Lol why did these haters tweet me about my #BlackLivesMatter comment. Guess what #BlackLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatter”, she added after other users criticised the comment.

Hacktivist group Anonymous and Black Lives Matter had announced a so-called “day of rage” to be held today, the day after the deadly terrorist attack in southern French city.

“Once again we are calling upon the citizens of the United States, in conjunction with the Black Lives Matter movement as well as other civil rights activists, to participate in a day of action against the injustices of corrupt officers,” Anonymous declared in a video.

Here is what I know. Yesterday was a tragedy, a senseless tragedy that took 84 lives and counting. Children make up a portion of this death toll. Are you kidding BLM? You are asking the world to hate white people and disband the American police. Now you’re asking that the lives of all those that suffer death before their time, to not matter? You have received the support of the worst U.S. President that has ever been and the blood on your hands grows thicker with each new tragedy that your hate fuels. Now, you are asking for the lives of 84 innocents to not be mourned, or even acknowledged so you can can get coverage in the media and be acknowledged for your woes. The only woes you have are the ones YOU BRING ONTO YOURSELF. It’s not the white man’s fault you can’t get motivated to progress in life. Police are not to blame for the deaths of criminals that thought they could break the law without consequence. Yet, here you are making everything about you even in the midst of a global tragedy where even children have fallen victim to?

Go to H-E- Double Hockey Sticks.

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