ISIS Killer Films Video Inside His Victims’ HOUSE After Slaughtering Them In Front Of Their Child

ISIS Killer Films Video Inside His Victims’ HOUSE After Slaughtering Them In Front Of Their Child

The Western world is under attack from Muslim extremists. Still, out of a misguided sense of political correctness, the left remains dedicated to pretending that each terrorist act is an isolated incident. A video made by a French ISIS terrorist INSIDE the house of his victims should (but likely won’t) change this mindset.


From the Daily Mail:

An ISIS militant murdered a police commander and his wife at their home near Paris before being shot dead by officers who rescued the couple’s three-year-old boy unharmed.

After killing the couple Larossi Abballa, 25, recorded a 12 minute monologue to camera while in the couple’s house in Magnanville and posted the video on Facebook Live.

In the video, Abballa says: ‘We will come and find you the way I have found this policemen at his house.’

He also hinted at an ISIS attack on the Euro 2016 football tournament, saying: ‘We’re keeping another surprise for the Euros but I won’t say anything more.’

And, chillingly, he also hinted that the son of his victims was also in danger, saying: ‘I don’t know what I’m going to do with the boy.’

He continued: ‘(President) Hollande you are ruthless but we are also heartless…I was ruthless just now towards this policeman and his wife.’

Police later raided Abballa’s home and found a hit list on his computer which contained six names.

Prosecutor Francois Molins said they included ‘rappers, journalists, police officers and public personalities’.

During Abballa’s video diatribe he expressed particular hatred for journalists Bernard de La Villardière, Audrey Pulvar, Mohamed Sifaoui and Lea Salame, political scientist Gilles Kepel and rapper Booba.

Booba is of Senegalese Muslim origin and was, ironically, accused of anti-Semitism in 2014 for the lyrics of a song which appeared to praise Mohammed Merah, a lone wolf who killed seven people, including a rabbi and three Jewish children in Toulouse in 2012.

Abballa called on Muslims to kill journalists and police officers and added: ‘Target their fear.’

He stabbed Jean-Baptiste Salvaing, 42, nine times in the stomach at his home in the Yvelines department, north west of Paris, shortly after 8.30pm on Monday.

After a three-hour stand-off elite Raid commandos entered the building, where they killed Abballa.

Inside the house, they found the lifeless body of Mr Salvaing’s wife, Jessica Schneider, who was an administrator who worked for the police force in Mantes-la-Jolie.

The only survivor was the couple’s three-year-old son, who was ‘extremely shocked but otherwise unharmed’.

The couple’s young son was ‘in shock but unharmed,’ a prosecutor added, saying he was receiving medical attention.

Mr Molins said Abballa pledged his allegiance to ISIS three weeks ago and appeared to be following a recent order from ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi ‘to kill miscreants at home with their families’ during Ramadan.

Three men – ‘linked to’ Abballa – were arrested on Tuesday morning. They were described as ‘acquaintances’ and are aged 27, 29 and 44.

It also emerged today the knifeman was part of a recent investigation into a Syrian jihadist network.

French security expert David Thomson said Abballa posted gruesome images of the murdered couple on the internet.

A 12-minute video and 15 photographs appeared on Abballa’s Facebook page, along with his justifications for what he had done.

Abballa’s Facebook profile, under the name Mohamed Ali, was suspended in the early hours of this morning.

Mr Thomson told a Paris radio station that at one point Abballa could be seen sitting on the sofa with the child behind him.

Abballa wrote: ‘I still don’t know what I’m going to do with him.’

This is absolutely sickening. This man is the embodiment of evil and yet, so long as Western civilization is dedicated to protecting Islam, more like him will appear again and again to kill in the name of a religion that liberals assert is a “religion of peace.”

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