Obama’s Hypocrisy On Muslims and Gun Control Revealed [Meme]

Obama’s Hypocrisy On Muslims and Gun Control Revealed [Meme]

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Via Sela T:

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump TOOK SOME MAJOR HEAT from many angry people…including a heap of Liberals when he made some suggestions about Muslims in America earlier last month. His proposal went VIRAL…and the HORRID backlash was INSANE! Well…wait until you get a load of this ‘IN YOUR FACE’ information we found for you! You’re going to like this…


First, he suggested a moratorium on Muslim immigration until we can better vet refugees and increase security measures. Then he suggested deporting Muslims with suspicious ties to terror activities.

Critics from all sides blasted Trump for both claims, saying his ideas were either bigoted or simply too difficult to implement.

But they were wrong. One country has proven not only that refugees can be deported, but also what happens when it’s done.

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg began a program in January that deported Muslims with ties to radical groups, and after those deportations occurred, the country’s violent crime rates dropped more than 30 percent.

A record number of people were deported in October, government sources said.The National Police Immigration Service Norway deported 824 people in October 2014 and 763 in September, according to The Norway Post.

In total, Norway deported around 7,100 last year, and it looks as though they did the right thing.

But you won’t hear liberals or the mainstream press talking about this. They refuse to accept the fact that any of the refugees crossing the border could possibly be dangerous, despite alarming facts that some of them are.

Like Trump or not, his ideas are popular because they reflect a certain sentiment among his supporters — and one of their concerns is terrorism and what the government is going to do about it.

Trump continues to be in the crosshairs for his ideas — the U.K. has even threatened to ban him for making insensitive and inflammatory remarks.

But it looks like some other countries have implemented Trump’s Muslim immigration plan and are better off because of it.

I’m just going to end this article with one…simple word.



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