Lame Duck Congress Reportedly Sneaking Land Grab Into National Defense Authorization Act

While the establishment media keeps us distracted with football and Ferguson, the federal behemoth continues to expand at the expense of our liberty and our standard of living. Already the federal government owns an outrageously high percentage of the land, to the detriment of anyone who would like to create wealth from it (just ask Cliven Bundy). But with statists, too much is never enough. Look what they are sneaking in with this year’s must-pass National Defense Authorization Act:

In the 2015 NDAA, rumored provisions include designation of 250,000 additional acres of wilderness, four new national parks and seven national park studies (future parks-to-be).

These provisions would lead to more government ownership of America’s land and more restrictive land-use policies that prohibit energy development and economic activity.

What seizing land so that it can be turned over to the lizards and tortoises has to do with national defense is anyone’s guess.

This graphic gives an idea of how bad the situation is already regarding federal land ownership (click for full size):


Presumably the ultimate goal is federal ownership of every inch of land and of everything on it.

What we need is a national defense policy that defends the nation from its most threatening enemy: our voracious government.

On a tip from Stormfax. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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