Prince Charles Plans to Be “Defender of Faith”

Arnold Toynbee had it right:


Here is evidence:

Prince Charles’s coronation should include a reading from the Koran, a Church of England Bishop has said. Lord Harries of Pentregarth, a retired Bishop of Oxford, said that such a gesture at the traditionally Anglican service would be “creative” and make Muslims feel “embraced” by the nation.

Muslims already know that they have been “embraced” by the moonbats running Britain. Conquering the only recently great nation through massive immigration and breeding explosively at taxpayer expense is an explicit strategy of the radical Islamic expansionists who flourish under liberal rule.

Even though the event will take place in an abbey, and involves swearing to defend what remains of the Church of England, reading from the Koran may be appropriate, considering who will be England’s next king (barring divine intervention):

Prince Charles has previously stated that when he becomes king he wants to be seen as “Defender of Faith”, rather than “Defender of the Faith” – a title traditionally used by British monarchs, first bestowed on Henry VIII by Pope Leo X in 1521.

Per progressive ideology, there is no moral difference between Christianity and Islam — except that Islam is preferred.

Want to know what will happen to non-Muslims in Britain once Muslims achieve a majority? Refer to 1980s Lebanon. You won’t find many non-Muslims in Lebanon now.

prince charles
The defender of hostile alien faith.

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