Christian Bakers Terrorized on Behalf of Gays

“Tolerance” means you comply with the agenda or you will not be tolerated:

Two Texas bakers who are under fire after refusing to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple revealed that the most disturbing threat they’ve received so far came from an anonymous individual who threatened to burn their house down and physically harm their 17-year-old son.

“Our son got a call … where they threatened to burn our house down and violate him with a broken beer bottle,” baker Edie Delorme recently told TheBlaze. “That was probably the worst.”

Edie and her husband, David — the Christian owners of Kern’s Bake Shop in Longview, Texas — also have an 8-year-old daughter; their 19-year-old daughter was tragically killed last year in a car accident.

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As for their teenage son who received the shocking threat, Edie said that he works very hard to intercept negative phone calls so that his mother isn’t forced to listen to them. And with threats continuing to pour in, their young daughter has been staying with relatives in recent days.

Problems reportedly began for the Delormes on Feb. 17, after Ben Valencia and Luis Marmolejo came in and inquired about purchasing a cake for their wedding.

Edie Delorme politely declined on religious grounds, since homosexual weddings are still blasphemous no matter what the Supreme Court decrees. That took courage.

What fun gay militants must have, hunting down Christian bakers to destroy. They steer clear of Muslims though.

Bake it or suffer the consequences.

On a tip from Troy. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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