Mitt Romney Gets BAD News After Slamming Trump

Mitt Romney Gets BAD News After Slamming Trump

When Mitt Romney took the stage last week and vigorously criticized, frontrunner Donald Trump, the results he was looking to get…may have been in vain. In fact, there is a poll that suggests, it had ZERO effect!


31% of GOP voters who took the poll said they are actually more likely to cast a vote for the real estate mogul since Romney’s speech, while 20% said they are less likely. 43% claim Romney’s speech did not impact their decision at all.

As for the supporters of Trump who took the poll, 56% said it is more likely that they will cast a vote for Trump since Romney denounced him. Only 5% claimed they were less likely to cast a vote for Trump. 36% said Romney’s speech had no impact on them.

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As for people who voted for Romney in 2012, 30% are more likely to cast a vote for Trump after watching Romney’s speech. 20% say they are less likely.

Romney called Trump a “phony” and a “fraud” while giving his speech last week. He cut into the billionaire businessman’s business record and his goals for the United States. Trump later responded by calling the 2012 nominee a failed candidate.

Tuesday is another day where numerous states will be voting in the primary. Trump is still up against John Kasich, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Right now, Trump has the most delegates.

Sorry Mitt… F for effort.

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