Infinitesimal Fraction of Population Is Actually Transsexual

To judge by the latest campaign by the establishment media, transsexualism is the most prominent feature of American life, and we have no more important task before us than the eradication of the last lingering resistance to its acceptance as healthy and deserving of celebration. But how many transsexuals do you actually know? Probably none, because very few exist:

“We see health disparities and socioeconomic disparities that are likely related to stigma and discrimination, so to understand those and try to figure out what the policy would be to try to remedy those disparities, we just have to have better data,” said Gary Gates, research director at the University of California, Los Angeles Williams Institute, which studies law and public policy related to sexual orientation and gender identity.

Gates sounds like a doctrinaire moonbat who would be unlikely to undercount transsexuals, doesn’t he?

In 2011 he wrote a paper for his Williams Institute that attempted to estimate the percentage of the population that is transgender. The number: 0.3%, or 3 people in a thousand.

Yet it is considered oppression if every public building doesn’t have restroom facilities specifically geared to this tiny minority.

The number Gates arrived at for lesbians, gays, and bisexuals combined is 3.5%, or 35 in a thousand.

For comparison, 1.1% of the adult US population suffers from schizophrenia. Yet for some reason stories celebrating schizophrenia and insisting that we revere it do not dominate the news. Ten times that many people (11.3% of noninstitutionalized adults) have been diagnosed with heart disease, yet no one demands that we accept heart disease as normal.

The media-driven obsession with people who indulge in sexual perversion is as contrived as a transvestite’s boob job. The entire campaign is a textbook example of cultural Marxism. Like blacks, the sexually abnormal are being exploited as a tool to attack the core culture. When they have served their purpose, they will be discarded.

transsexual symbol
A phony issue, contrived for destructive ends.

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