Eurovision Performing Star Tooji Desecrates Church With Explicit Gay Video

It isn’t easy these days to lose your job by taking moonbattery too far. But someone has to do it, because if progressives don’t know where the boundaries are, they won’t be able to keep pushing them back. Here’s what it takes to lose your job presenting children’s television in today’s Norway:

A Eurovision performing star has lost his job on Norwegian television and has angered the bishop of Oslo after lying about shooting a ‘coming out’ video. The clip involved showed extremely graphic scenes filmed without proper permission inside a church.

Norwegian-Iranian singer Touraj Keshtkar, best known by his stage-name Tooji, represented Norway at the 2012 Eurovision contest in Azerbaijan. Until his sacking [Monday] he was presenter of Nordic Eurovision talent show Melodi Grand Prix Junior.

Tooji got canned from the kiddie show after creating a video entitled, “Father Is Out, and So Am I.”

The venue used for the filming was borrowed from the Church of Norway, a fact which has left the Bishop of Oslo furious. He accused Tooji and his producers of lying to the church about what would be going on during filming and the nature of the project. …

In the three minute video the musician is shown interrupting a church service while dressed in a monk’s robes, before ripping the clothes off the presiding priest and having gay sex before the altar.

Mounting each other in the chancel of the church, the congregation is shown looking on with expressions of delight. Their behaviour is shown in contrast with their reactions to the sermon before the arrival of Tooji, which appeared to predominantly be ones of boredom.

After the priest and the musician complete their sex act, they spread angel wings – symbolism which Tooji claimed represents the liberation of someone who had been “running from himself, denying himself, and yes, if God is in everyone and everything, denying God”.

If the moonbat conception of “God” reminds you of someone, it could be the fellow on the left:

satan jesus

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