Teacher and Same Sex Husband Molest Troubled Teen, Die in Murder–Suicide

Teacher and Same Sex Husband Molest Troubled Teen, Die in Murder–Suicide

The actualization of the progressive agenda is not making America a better country to grow up in, as this story from stringently liberal Minnesota confirms:

The South St. Paul school teacher and his husband found dead last week were both under investigation for sexually assaulting minors.

“His husband” is not a typo. It is now politically infeasible to suggest that maybe a guy “married” to another guy is not the best choice for a school teacher.

Lovebirds Aric Babbitt (a teacher at Lincoln Center Elementary) and Matthew Deyo died in an apparent murder–suicide.

Court papers show that earlier this month a 16-year-old former student and his parents went to South St. Paul police with a disturbing allegation.

The teen accused Babbitt of sexual assault and turned over some Polaroid pictures of himself naked with the teacher.

He said Babbitt became his mentor when he came out as gay to his family.

Liberal demigod Harvey Milk was involved in that sort of mentoring. That is, he sexually exploited troubled teens. Using people of Milk’s caliber as role models is bound to have consequences.

The teenager described how Babbitt and his husband took the teenager to a hotel and Babbitt’s cabin for sex, using marijuana and alcohol to get the teenager intoxicated.

A transgender friend of the boy was also at the cabin and said [he] thought [he] was drugged.

Court papers detail another encounter in a rented room in downtown Minneapolis during Pride Week.

Although the media and the government relentlessly egg on this sort of behavior, it is still technically illegal, and some people are even politically incorrect enough to disapprove of it. When word got out what Babbitt and his “husband” were doing to the poor screwed-up kid, police launched a criminal investigation. Then came the murder–suicide.

The couple’s neighbors are shocked by the murder-suicide and had no idea of the allegations.

“It gives you cause to pause,” said Gerren Bond, who lives a couple of houses down the street. “It scares me for a lot of different reasons. Especially as a person having kids.”

As stories like this become more common, we will all have cause to pause.

Harvey Milk
Role model Harvey Milk. The Navy is naming a ship after him.

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