When He Squeezed the Enormous Bump on His Hand, He Never Thought THIS Would Happen [VIDEO]

When He Squeezed the Enormous Bump on His Hand, He Never Thought THIS Would Happen [VIDEO]

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People get pimples in other places than just their faces and they can be pretty painful. They can also be pretty darn inconvenient, especially when they’re on a body part you use pretty often… like, say, your hand.

The man in this video had not just one, but two huge pimples on his hand that had left his entire thumb swollen and red. Whatever was in there clearly had to come out — so he squeezed it. Watch what happened below:

Immediately, thick yellow liquid came pouring out. And it just kept flowing the more he squeezed. The good news was that the more fluid came out of the cyst, the less swollen his hand appeared to be. Soon, the fluid even became a little bloody. But he didn’t have just one pimple to pop.

After he was done with the first one, he moved on to the second one. He used a toothpick to pop it and then went right back to squeezing, and more disgusting yellow fluid came out. When he was done squeezing both pimples, there was a huge puddle of liquid that had poured into his sink. He must have been in a lot of pain, with that much festering gunk building up inside his hand. It seems like he possibly should have considered having a doctor take care of it, though, because he basically gave himself two giant open wounds on his hand. Cysts and pimples aren’t major health problems, and removal is typically easy. But they can also get infected if not removed properly, or leave scars, which means that trying to pull off a do-it-yourself cyst extraction probably isn’t the greatest idea. Because the last thing anyone wants is to turn a minor procedure into a much bigger problem than it would have been otherwise, all because they thought they could take care of it themselves.

Pimple popper videos have become some of the most popular videos on YouTube, thanks in large part to Dr. Sandra Lee, also known as “Dr. Pimple Popper”. While the videos are disgusting, they seem to be strangely addictive. People, for whatever reason, just can’t seem to get enough of seeing people pop their disgusting pimples.

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