Interview With a Moonbat Mom

Obama’s external attack on Christianity through ObamaCare and by suppressing it in the military will not succeed. The campaign to destroy Christianity by corrupting it from within stands a better chance. Toward this objective, the Religion News Service (run by the University of Missouri School of Journalism) publishes a blog entitled Faithfully LGBT, where author Eliel Cruz approvingly interviews a mom who encourages her son Wyatt to act like a girl:

Eliel: When did Wyatt first begin to explore his gender/gender expression? How old is he now?

Lisa: My husband Tim and I started noticing that he was exploring gender expression when he was around three years old. He really loved it when I painted my toenails and wanted to join in. So I’d paint his nails and his brother Eli’s. He’s 4 now, turning 5 in April. We have intentionally encouraged the boys to explore who they are without regard for traditional gender roles. For Wyatt’s 4th birthday, he asked for a princess dress, a tea set, and boxing gloves. We have a picture of him using all three at once! He loves having a tea party and pretending to be a fairy godmother (tiara, wand, and all). It’s a typical weekend morning for him to wear his princess dress with a ninja mask, wearing a doll in his kid-sized Ergo Baby Carrier, and making tea for everyone — with a sword stuck in the back of his shirt.

Eliel: What was you and your husband’s initial reactions to it?

Lisa: Neither of us batted an eye. I tease sometimes that I hope one of my boys turns out to be gay because it will increase my street cred as a liberal, hippie mom.

This isn’t teasing; it is social engineering. According to leftist dogma, homosexuals are born, not made. But their systematic encouragement of exceedingly unhealthy homosexual behavior suggests they know that perversion, like sin, is a choice rather than a destiny. This encouragement starts ever earlier.

Come back in 8 years or so to read about the hormone treatments used to prevent Wyatt’s normal physical development, in 14 years to read about his grotesque sexual mutilation, and in 16 years to read about his suicide.

Congrats, liberal, hippie mom, on your offering to the cause.

On a tip from Steve T. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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