NC General Assembly Makes Small Change To HB2, Reinstates Right To Sue

All of this could have been avoided had the city of Charlotte not passed it’s gender confused, er, transgender bill in the first place, one that had originally failed in the city council the other year, and were warned against passing this year by the NC General Assembly. The bill forced, among others, private entities to allow the gender confused to use whatever bathroom, changing room, and shower that they felt like, invading and violating the privacy of non-gender confused patrons, and would cost those businesses money. That said, HB2 did go a bit wander down the road a bit further than necessary, as government legislation so often does. Governor Pat McCrory wanted a few changes, and got one of them

(WRAL) North Carolina lawmakers have reversed a small piece of House Bill 2 dealing with the right to sue for wrongful termination in state court, but they left intact the remainder of the controversial measure dealing with LGBT rights and the use of bathrooms by transgender individuals.

That change was inserted into House Bill 169 late Friday night as lawmakers worked to end their legislative session for the summer.

Members of the House voted 82-18 in favor of the fix. Senators voted 26-14. The measure now goes to Gov. Pat McCrory, who has sought this specific change since House Bill 2 passed in March.

“Governor McCrory is pleased the General Assembly has acted on his request and restored non-discrimination protections in state courts. This action reinstates all statewide non-discrimination protections that were previously in place,” McCrory spokesman Josh Ellis said in a statement.

While they used to have 3 years to file a complaint, the fix allows one year, which is actually twice as long as federal law limit. So, wait a minute, liberals claim that state law cannot deviate from federal law. We learned this when they blew a gasket over Arizona’s SB1070, deal with illegal aliens. According to their talking points, then NC should only allow 6 months to file a claim. Can’t have it both ways, liberals! Of course, they will want it both ways. That’s what they do.

And, of course, liberals still want the entire thing repealed, because they really want to intrude on the privacy of young girls by allowing penis in their bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers. In their world, all someone has to do is say they identify with the opposite biological sex, and they can go wherever they want. The rights of little girls? To liberals, they could care less. Unless it’s their own child, then they’ll probably flip a wig.

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