NY Times Very Upset Over NC Law Refusing “Transgenders” Access To Opposite Sex Bathrooms

I was wondering if the NY Times would jump into the debate over the just passed and signed North Carolina law that restricts cities from passing laws that allow people who feel they are the opposite sex from using opposite sex bathrooms, changing rooms, and showers. They didn’t disappoint, and, they seem more upset about this than over Islamists spreading their hate through violence in an attack that killed dozens, including Americans, not too mention the hundreds hurt

Transgender Law Makes North Carolina Pioneer in Bigotry

Officials in Charlotte, N.C., spent more than a year carefully considering and debating an antidiscrimination ordinance that was passed in February to promote the city’s culture of inclusiveness. State lawmakers quashed it on Wednesday by passing an appalling, unconstitutional bill that bars transgender people from using public restrooms that match their gender identity and prohibits cities from passing antidiscrimination ordinances that protect gay and transgender people.

Citizens of Charlotte were appalled at the passage of the bill allowing men and women pretending to be the opposite sex to go into areas that would put them in contact with their children in an inappropriate manner. The editorial does forget to mention how this law is in any way constitutional, but, then, the NY Times also thinks that gun confiscation is Constitutional, so, there’s that.

That threat exists only in the imagination of bigots. Supporters of the measures have been unable to point to a single case that justifies the need to legislate where people should be allowed to use the toilet. North Carolina is the first state to pass such a provision.

So, we’re to wait till there is a case? Liberals love to trot out the “won’t someone think of the children” talking point, yet, in this case, they won’t think of the children, show shouldn’t be exposed to people pretending to be the opposite sex in their bathrooms, locker rooms, and changing rooms.

Under the law, people in North Carolina are required to use public restrooms that match the gender on their birth certificate. Transgender people in the state can request to have their birth certificate changed only if they have had gender reassignment surgery. Many transgender people cannot afford surgery or choose not to have it.

Well, that’s their problem, is it not? Why should the children be exposed to Someone Else’s problem for idiotic far left patronizing beliefs?

North Carolina could face serious economic repercussions from the law. It can expect a backlash from leading employers, a potential cut in federal education funding and lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of the law. American Airlines, which has a hub in Charlotte, and PayPal, which recently announced it would create 400 jobs in the state, are among several companies that have already criticized the law.

At the end of the day, though, this kerfuffle will drop out of the public conscious, and the companies will forget their apoplexy in favor of making money. Furthermore, why no link about the constitutionality? Probably because there is nothing unconstitutional, by either the state or federal constitutions, that bars the state from restricting cities from passing laws that allow people to use the opposite sex bathrooms and such due to their beliefs.

Mr. McCrory, who is running for re-election, may have assumed the bill would help him in a tight race against Attorney General Roy Cooper, a Democrat who called the measure shameful. “Not only does this hurt North Carolina families, but it hurts our economy as well,” Mr. Cooper said in a video message. Voters should reject the candidate who made the state a pioneer in bigotry.

The law protects citizens, including children, from having to deal with opposite sex people in their bathroom. Said transgenders are a tiny, tiny, tiny minority, while there are lots of children. Oh, and we have a saying here in North Carolina: if you don’t like the way we do things, I-95 goes north and south, as does I-85. I-40 goes west. Pick a direction, and mind your own business.

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