Star Ledger Victim Blames And Shames In Wake Of Brussels

The Star Ledger is one of the leading papers in New Jersey, and one of the primary sources for news and opinion at Obviously, they are vastly left leaning, and are very upset post-Brussels

Religious bigotry after Brussels: Still not ok.

After the horrifying attacks in Brussels, leading Republicans are rushing to advocate policies motivated by malice against Muslims and a hunger to appear tough. That’s both predictable and dangerous.

We have Ted Cruz calling for a resumption of NYPD spying on Muslim Americans, and Donald Trump talking about the need for religious tests and torture.

These ineffective, extremist solutions will only make matters worse. They will push us further in the direction of Europe, where anti-immigrant sentiment has helped terrorist recruitment to flourish.

Got that? They’re blaming the victims, who have had to put up with increases in crime, sexual assaults, demands for Islamic law to be practiced in Belgium and other EU nations, and terrorist attacks, and have been concerned over violent Muslims infiltrating the nations with all the “refugees.” The SLEB is blaming the citizens of the European countries for being concerned about the threat from radical Islam, rather than blaming those who practice and shelter radical Islam? This is known as “victim shaming.”

On Wednesday, [Trump] told Piers Morgan that there is “very little assimilation” of Muslims in European cities like Brussels. Their communities are “absolutely not reporting” suspected terrorists, he said, and need to “open up to society.”

All true. The heavily immigrant neighborhood in Brussels where the Paris attackers lay low has become a refuge for the Islamic State, made worse by a widespread distrust of law enforcement that has bred a code of silence. Think of our own inner cities, where gang members thrive because of a fear of police and snitching.

Again, blaming the victims, rather than the bad actors.

Look at the ugliness that erupted in Bridgewater and Basking Ridge, where Muslims who had lived in town for years, served on the school board or even as mayor simply tried to build a mosque where their families could worship and were rejected.

I’ve got one word for the SLEB: Rotterham. Look it up. That is what happens when misplaced Leftist diversity, multiculturalism, and tolerance go wrong.

Yes, we need to find better ways to deter terror attacks like the one in Brussels. But turning on people like them is not the solution.

It’s an interesting dynamic. Left wing rags like the Star Ledger are quick to blame all legal and responsible gun owners when there is a mass shooting (usually by someone not legally eligible to own a gun, and often by a left winger), yet, when there is a terrorist attack by someone proclaiming they are doing it in the name of Islam, well, we cannot even ask questions. We cannot say that this is being done in the name of Islam. And the victims and those concerned about the spread and threat from radical Islam must be blamed and shamed, rather than wonder what is going on with Islam, and how this can be stopped from within.

These same left wing sites are quick to complain about victim blaming and shaming on most other issues, but, they protect radical Islam. For which the Islamists thank them. They are Useful Idiots.

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