Washington Post Has A Solution To The Bathroom Wars (Which Will Be Unacceptable To TGs)

Out of the mouths of babes, in this case, D.C. high school student Elishe Wittes, comes a Solution

One bathroom for all: Install gender-free, single-user restrooms

I am a young trans man, and I think I can make common cause with social conservatives on bathrooms.

To be sure, first there’s going to be litigation. There’s going to be a lot of yelling and screaming. Indeed, for the past several months, transgender activists and social conservatives have been engaged in a public spat about which bathrooms those of various gender identities should be allowed to use. But after North Carolina and the Justice Department are done duking it out, there will still be lots of people — including social conservatives and me — who are afraid to use public bathrooms.

I have a solution to this problem: gender-neutral, single-user bathrooms.

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We really could have stopped at the headline. Installing single user gender neutral bathrooms would be a good idea in schools and public buildings for those who are gender confused, and, let’s face it, when it comes to kids who think they are the opposite sex of their biological plumbing, they are confused. Regardless, it would be a wise decision.

Ah, but this is an accommodation, a compromise, which is utterly unacceptable to the TG activists, their lawyers, and their interest groups. The do not want a compromise. They DEMAND that everyone be brought into their lifestyles, exposing little girls who are actually female to little boys who one or more parents who should be prosecuted for putting these insane ideas in the little boys’ head that they are actually a little girl.

Nor does this cover having the gender confused in the changing rooms and showers of the opposite biological sex, which the gender confused (and their lawyers and interest groups) demand to use.

Of course, Elishe has to yammer on about being scared. He/she is in fear of going into the bathroom that corresponds to his/her gender belief, and how dangerous it is

To be sure, my fear is justified, while conservative fears of trans people assaulting others in bathrooms are not. Nobody in this entire debate has produced a single documented instance of a trans person initiating any kind of violence or sexual harassment in a bathroom. But fear is not always rational. I take it as a basic principle that, if possible, we should make people comfortable (maybe then they’ll leave us alone). So let’s take conservative fears on this issue seriously.

But, the fear is mostly that predators and people with ill-intent will use these TG requirements to prey on people, mostly women and girls. There is also outrage that boys who crazily think they are girls will be exposing themselves to girls who are actually girls. Furthermore, conservatives are tired of people forcing them to comport to crazy beliefs. They do not take kindly to these in your face campaigns, which include lawsuits, threats, and the hatred and anger emanating from the TG activists and their supporters, simply because Conservatives and others refuse to buy into this mental illness. You want to believe you’re the opposite sex? That’s on you. Stop trying to make everyone else be involved in your lifestyle.

So, to all you state legislators working so busily to keep trans people out of bathrooms, we’ll see you in court. But no matter who wins, remember that we have something in common: both a problem and a solution. Remember as well to add a provision mandating single-user bathrooms the next time you’re writing some discriminatory bill. That, at least, we should be able to agree on.

And boom, there it is, the threat of lawsuits. Let’s say the North Carolina general assembly modifies HB2 a bit, and adds that schools and public buildings must offer a gender neutral single stall bathroom: who wants to bet that the accommodation, the compromise, will be rejected by the vast majority of the gender confused (and their lawyers and interest groups)?

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