What This Officer Did For a Frightened Child Will Have You in Tears

What This Officer Did For a Frightened Child Will Have You in Tears

I cannot help but feel that in recent years… (since Obama’s been in the White House) Americans, or the ones easiest to persuade, are being groomed to hate policemen and see them as the enemy. It’s been quite obnoxious really. However, it’s stories like these that really shine a light on the good of our police officers and so…naturally, we want everyone to hear it!


From WECT:

In a heartwarming Facebook post from the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department (SCMPD), a police officer identified as Officer Hurst is shown holding a small child in a hospital bed.

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Hurst has his arms wrapped around the young child and the preschooler’s head is resting on the officer’s shoulder.

“In a time of need, Officer Hurst goes above and beyond the comfort a young child earlier today,” the post read

WBTV reached out to the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department for more information about the photo.

Officials say a 6-month-old child was found outside, with no adult supervision, and was taken in an ambulance to a Savannah-area hospital.

During a medical exam, the child became distraught and Officer Hurst, who was still by his side, did his best to comfort the child. A bystander took the photo and sent it to SCMPD. The photo was posted on its Facebook page Monday.

There are FAR more police officers who would do this, than those who wouldn’t. Don’t get their purpose twisted, blue lives matter. Period.

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