Young Boy Transitions To A Girl – Decides 2 Yrs Later He Made A Mistake

Young Boy Transitions To A Girl – Decides 2 Yrs Later He Made A Mistake

Now here’s a story that will make you bang your head against the wall. I myself don’t know what to do other than disapprove and shake my head.

Today’s topic at hand is gender confusion. It’s a real thing and it needs to be diagnosed as a mental illness if this world wants to go back to operating on universal truths and reality. No more ‘feelings’ and emotions taking the place of facts. For this particular story, it is especially egregious because it is a young boy who decided to ‘become’ a girl for a whole two years.

Then decided that he wanted to be a boy again.

With what the trans-community and many leftists would call ‘guidance’, along with a group of medical professionals and also his mother, this 12 year-old Australian boy finally had the opportunity to just throw off his gender confusion and just embrace what he felt he really was inside – a female.

But like kids who haven’t developed mentally yet usually do, the young man spoke with his mom and told her that he was done and wanted to be a boy again. But this wasn’t just taking off a dress and saying your a boy again, oh no. The transition back to his original and ONLY sex included a very expensive procedure. Can you believe that? Mom, doctors and who knows how many others, actually encouraged this young boy to get himself estrogen to become a girl. How in the hell is this not blatant child abuse?

Patrick Mitchell is the young man that was diagnosed with gender confusion when he was only 12 years-old. Here is what mom said about her son: “When he was young, he would dress up in girl’s clothes. And at one stage, he did say to me, could he be taken to the doctor to be made a girl.”

Mitchell was only 12 years-old when he was assigned to start taking estrogen to make sure that he grew breasts that could go with his perceived gender. While his breasts where growing, so was his hair. For two years he was content, until he wasn’t. At the age of 14 he changed his mind, saying he felt like he was ready to accept that he was a boy and he felt comfortable in his own skin.

“I began to realize I was actually comfortable in my body. Every day I just felt better.”

That’s good. But now he has to get his breasts removed…I do not envy him.

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