Bitter Half Spends Fortune in Formerly Racist Spain

Gulf states have been crippled economically by the oil leak Obama’s bumbling and intrusive regime made so hard to defend the coast against, and still more by his malevolent ban on off-shore drilling. Although liberal elite types will curl their lips insufferably at the “Redneck Riviera,” there is no shortage of fine hotels on the Gulf Coast, and since Mother Nature is taking care of the oil (as foretold by the all-knowing Maha Rushie), there could be no better place for public figures to vacation, so as to send a positive signal that would help the economy. However, when Obama’s Bitter Half decided on a little R&R, she chose instead to go to Spain. Good thing the State Department pulled the scarlet letter R for Racism off Spain’s chest just in time:

The Obama administration faced [yet another] embarrassing diplomatic blunder today after it was forced to pull a warning about racism in Spain — just as the First Lady arrived in the country for a summer holiday.

Staff at the U.S. State Department removed the contentious advice to travellers, which included the phrase ‘racist prejudices could lead to the arrest of Afro-Americans who travel to Spain,’ from its website on Monday.

Sure — just like Arizona police round up Hispanics at random. The nice thing about lies is you can just stop telling them when they no longer serve whatever nefarious purpose.

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The First Lady landed in the Costa del Sol this morning for a break with her youngest daughter Sasha, nine.

She is on a four-day visit and will be staying at the five-star Villa Padierna, rated as one of the world’s top 30 hotels, with 40 friends. The party has reserved 60 rooms.

Sixty rooms — that will come to a pretty penny at a place like Villa Padierna:

Rooms start at £210-a-night and stretch to around £4,100 [$6,513.26] for a villa with 24-hour butler service and private pool and garden.

Meanwhile, the economy is staggering toward the second dip of the recession, taxes will be shooting through the stratosphere on January 1, and the national debt has skyrocketed past an obviously unsupportable $13,000,000,000,000.00. But the Bitter Half boldly forsakes the country she is for the first time proud of to face the “racism” of Spain at a cost to our children and grandchildren, with interest, of who knows how many $millions.

As Maria Antoinette would say, let them eat debt.

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