Put-Upon Mass Murderer Omar Thornton Oppressed by Racism

According to the liberal media, there isn’t much that cannot be blamed on the nefarious white man and his racism. A black guy is caught stealing, loses his job, snaps, and starts shooting people and whose fault is it? If you’re white, it’s yours. Here’s the headline:

Family: Racial Bias Caused Conn. Gunman to Snap

That’s how ABC sees fit to summarize Omar Thornton’s killing of eight people and wounding of two others. Don’t you feel guilty about driving him to this?

As for the theft that precipitated his killing spree — if the government can pass out $billions of other people’s money to reward people for being black, why couldn’t Thornton help himself to a little beer?

No doubt after Comrade Obama has left our country in smoldering ruins he’ll be bailed out with the same excuse. Sure he destroyed the economy, buried the country in debt, sold our future to the communist Chinese, clogged the judiciary with left-wing radicals, turned the races against each other, emboldened our enemies, sold out our allies, allowed Iran to get nukes, and ripped our country apart — but don’t forget, his racist white grandma didn’t like getting shaken down by aggressive bums, even if they were black bums. That must have scarred him for life.

In fairness to the moonbats at ABC, it’s possible that Thornton really did think he was oppressed. The noose symbol that so often figures in dubious racism allegations (e.g., here and here) made its appearance once again:

“Everybody’s got a breaking point,” said Joanne Hannah, the mother of Thornton’s longtime girlfriend. … Thornton had said he found a picture of a noose and a racial epithet written on a bathroom wall, said Hannah…

According to the propaganda ABC and the rest of our liberal rulers relentlessly bombard us with, this would easily justify taking eight lives. As with Colin Ferguson, who came here from Jamaica to be oppressed by racists until he couldn’t stand it anymore and started shooting Caucasians on a New York commuter train (killing 6 and wounding 19), cramming progressive propaganda into a psychopath’s mind will inevitably lead to violence.

Omar Thornton, oppressed mass murderer and beer thief.

On tips from Incitatus, Varla, and Wiggins. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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