IRS Sends 655 Refund Checks to Address in Lithuania & 343 Refund Checks to Address in Shanghai

If you’re part of a Tea Party organization, the IRS wants to examine every scrap of data to make sure you’re legit. But, if you’re outside of the country filing for a refund, the IRS apparently couldn’t care less how much taxpayer money it throws away on obvious fraud.


The Internal Revenue Service sent 655 tax refunds to a single address in Kaunas, Lithuania – failing to recognize that the refunds were likely part of an identity theft scheme. Another 343 tax refunds went to a single address in Shanghai, China.

Thousands more potentially fraudulent refunds – totaling millions of dollars – went to places in Bulgaria, Ireland and Canada in 2011.

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In all, a report from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration today found 1.5 million potentially fraudulent tax returns that went undetected by the IRS, costing taxpayers $3.2 billion.

Those numbers are from an audit of 2011 data, and the IRS said it’s put dozens of measures in place since then to crack down on the problem.

The IRS always claims to have put new “measures in place” to crack down on fraud, but the obvious fraud keeps on happening year after year. Sending 645 tax returns to one address in Lithuania is the equivalent of falling for a Nigerian email scam, but the IRS wasn’t able to figure out that was a problem in 2011? So, how much confidence do you have that these same people aren’t going to screw anything up with your health care, now that the IRS is : intimately involved in that part of your life?

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