Rep. Todd Young on Obamacare: ‘This is What Betrayal Looks Like’

Rep. Todd Young on Obamacare: ‘This is What Betrayal Looks Like’

Even many Democrats wouldn’t have supported Obamacare if they knew they’d lose their health care coverage and have to pay more to get less. So Obama may have lied to America, but he also betrayed many of the Americans who supported the bill by selling them on a plan that he knew was going to hurt them.

Todd Young

Reciting a litany of horror stories on the negative effects of Obamacare in the nation’s heartland, Republican Indiana Rep. Todd Young declared: “This is what betrayal looks like.”

“Here you have hardworking people who were repeatedly told not to worry, that their coverage would stay the same and–if anything–their costs would go down,” Young said in Saturday’s Weekly Republican Address. “Just the opposite is happening.”

…Illustrating the “heartbreaking” impact of the Affordable Healthcare Act on constituents, Young pointed to a Bloomington, Ind., man who’ll be cancelled from the insurance plan he likes and pay $900 month more for a new plan — and a Jeffersonville, Ind., family that faces the wrenching choice of ending a wife and mother’s cancer treatment or “go broke.”

“Adding insult to injury, the White House — the president — isn’t leveling with us,” Young said. “He’s trying to cover his tracks, claiming he never really made these promises. If the president is truly sorry about all this, he’ll take steps to right this wrong.”

Young said he’s authored a bill in the House — as has Republican Sen. Dan Coats in the Senate — to delay the Affordable Healthcare Act’s individual mandate tax.

“After all, how can you tax people for not buying a product from a website that doesn’t work?” he asked.

He said in addition, the House next week will take up the Keep Your Health Care Act, “which will ensure plans available today in the individual market can continue to exist.”
“No one should have to go to their inbox or mailbox in fear of finding out they’re losing a plan they like – or worse, a plan they need,” he said.

Obama betrayed America and it’s time for Democrats to join Republicans in saying that’s wrong before they start to take steps to make it right by repealing the law.

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