Socialism Summed Up in Two Pictures

Here’s how Zimbabwe’s socialist dictator Robert Mugabe lives:


Here’s how his subjects live — if living is even the word for it:


Zimbabwe’s predecessor Rhodesia was a wealthy country, known as the Breadbasket of Africa. But then came social justice. Whites were abruptly removed from power, and their farms were confiscated. Now the country is starving, with 95% unemployment and an inflation rate involving numbers too large to comprehend. But Mugabe still makes out great, thanks to foreign aid from the same moonbat do-gooders who pressured Rhodesia to slink submissively into its grave.

More pictures can be found at Reaganite Republican, who asks:

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Can you imagine the horror of living in a country where — in a headlong rush to correct long-standing injustices overnight — almost unchecked power is forked-over to an anti-democratic communist who admires the Soviet Union… a narcissist and vengeful racist control-freak who’s economically clueless… dangerous… and unqualified for the job…?

That would be pretty scary, wouldn’t it?

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