Like Crime, Humiliation Pays in Britain

Whoever said that crime doesn’t pay hasn’t been to Britain since liberalism run rampant reduced it to a bizarre bleeding heart hybrid of A Clockwork Orange and a Monty Python skit. Here‘s how it pays to sell heroin:

A convicted drug dealer who claims he was left “humiliated” after he was named and shamed on a police leaflet is to sue the police.

Luke Walsh-Pinnock, 22, claimed the document breached his human rights after it was sent to neighbours in Kilburn, north west London.

The leaflet contained a police photo and details of his crime and was delivered to 1,500 homes.

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He had previously been sentenced to four years at Wood Green Crown Court after he was convicted of dealing both heroin and cocaine.

But now his parents have complained about his “degrading” treatment.

A friend of his mother Linda Walsh told The Sun: “Luke’s been humiliated in his local community, which is against his human rights. We’ll take this to court.”

Given the moonbattery that prevails in British courts, Luke ought to be sitting pretty when he gets out of the clink. If not, he can always switch from drug dealing to theft:

Furious that one of his staff had stolen hundreds of pounds from his business, Simon Cremer hung a sign saying “thief” around the man’s neck and frogmarched him to a police station.

But while the employee, Mark Gilbert, was let off with a police caution, Mr Cremer spent three months facing a charge of false imprisonment until the case was dropped.

Now, in a further blow, the businessman has paid his former employee £5,000 compensation and covered his £6,000 legal fees in an out-of-court settlement to avoid a hugely expensive civil case for the “humiliation” he suffered.

Together with his own £2,000 lawyer’s bill, the total comes to £13,000.

In short, it would have been much cheaper and easier to just let the thief steal what he wanted, which is the message British authorities have been broadcasting loudly and clearly to law-abiding government subjects and criminals alike.

Cremer didn’t like paying a fortune to the lowlife as a reward for having robbed him. But he didn’t have much choice:

“It would have cost me £25,000 just to go to court, so I had no option but to settle out of court.”

“It would financially ruin me. I would lose my business and I would risk losing my home because I would have to remortgage it. I can’t really afford a payout like this — times are hard for the business.”

Why are they hard? Because of the massive taxes and strangulating regulations imposed by the same cancerous government that rewards criminals and punishes their victims.

[Gilbert] started legal action claiming he had lost two years’ earnings because of the trauma and distress he suffered and the psychological help he needed after the incident. The case was due to be heard at Basildon County Court on Monday but Mr Cremer said he could not risk the expense of fighting the claim.

It is understood Gilbert’s civil claim was funded under the terms of a medical policy.

Given that Britain has socialized medicine, I wonder if that means that the reason Gilbert had nothing to lose with the preposterous lawsuit is that taxpayers were picking up the legal bills.

Tragically, if Britain hasn’t rebelled against its insane moonbat kakistocracy by now, it never will. The once great nation is dead on its feet, its putrid corpse rotting as it shambles like a zombie to its grave.

Sadly, the sun has pretty much set on the British Empire.

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