Guess What’s Happening in Gun Control Loving Australia – MEDIA IGNORES! [VIDEO]

Guess What’s Happening in Gun Control Loving Australia – MEDIA IGNORES! [VIDEO]


Australia has some of the world’s strictest gun control laws. The Australian government didn’t just institute gun control — they actually confiscated people’s guns. And yet somehow, they’re still having a huge problem with gun violence. Go figure.

Australian media outlet The Age began a three-day investigative series into gun violence in Melbourne and what they found was not good for gun control advocates. Gun crimes are five times as high as they were in 2011. More than twice as many people committed a gun crime in 2015 as did five years earlier. The Age called shootings “a weekly event.” And criminal organizations have created a culture of both carrying and using guns. Worryingly, many of these criminal groups are also drug dealers, as well as users, so the people who have guns are volatile and unstable.


Taking guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens has only created a black market for guns. Criminals have plentiful access to guns, because they don’t care about following gun laws. Innocent, law-abiding citizens end up defenseless. And while the government called their effort a “gun buyback program,” that was not entirely accurate, considering that it was mandatory for Australians to turn in their weapons. And it had no effect whatsoever on gun violence… except to make people less safe, of course.

The American media isn’t reporting on this, though they’ll eagerly report every single gun tragedy and broadcast gun-hating politicians’ speeches about how we need to emulate Australia. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have both spoken openly about how they want to institute similar gun control laws in the United States. Do they know — or care — about how miserable a failure Australia’s gun confiscation program has been?

Gun control does not work. It does not make people safer. All it does is empower criminals at the expense of innocent people. Look at cities like Chicago, which have some of the strictest gun control laws in the country and yet also have the highest rates of gun homicides. The facts are right there for anyone to see, yet liberals insist on ignoring them. Why? Is it because they’re just afraid of guns? If we’re being honest, then the answer is no. Taking away citizens’ guns is another way to exert power over the populace. Don’t be fooled by the persuasive speeches. It’s not about safety. It’s about control.

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