Man Who Shot Mall Terrorist Has Secret Identity [VIDEO]

Man Who Shot Mall Terrorist Has Secret Identity [VIDEO]


Saturday night, an Islamic immigrant went on a stabbing spree at a Minnesota mall, injuring nine people. He was heard invoking the name of “Allah” and asking people if they were Muslim before he stabbed them. But the terrorist was brought down by an off-duty police officer, Jason Falconer, who shot him as the terrorist tried to attack him. Falconer is a former police chief of the Albany Police Department, where he still works part-time. But what the media won’t tell you is that he is much more than just a police officer.

Falconer is the owner and president of Tactical Advantage, LLC, a shooting range and training facility that focuses on training and arming concealed carriers. Falconer is also a member of the United States Practical Shooters Association (USPSA) and is an NRA-certified firearms instructor.


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Of course, why would the media point out that being proficient in firearms is a good thing? It doesn’t fit in with their gun control narrative. And this is someone who isn’t just a police officer using his department-issued firearm to stop a terrorist; it’s a firearms instructor who has a passion for training people and promoting concealed carry. It’s like a liberal nightmare.

More and more Americans are choosing to get concealed carry permits, despite the liberal push for more gun control. Yet Jason Falconer is a perfect example of why owning guns is so necessary. We live in a dangerous world, with religious fanatics intent on murdering as many of us as possible. Liberals would have you cower in fear with no way to defend yourself. People like Jason Falconer want to help teach you to defend yourself.

Is there really any question as to which is better?

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