Trump Was RIGHT AGAIN, Bombing Suspect Details JUST Released!

Trump Was RIGHT AGAIN, Bombing Suspect Details JUST Released!


The bombings in New York City and New Jersey had everyone thinking one thing: terrorism. Officials didn’t want to jump to conclusions though and refused to link the attacks to a specific motive without having proof first. Well, they have their proof now. The FBI has detained five people, they’ve gathered more evidence and it is almost certainly Islamic terrorism.

The five men the FBI detained are all from Afghanistan. And there’s one more person free, who authorities are trying to find. His name? Ahmad Khan Rahami.

Officials currently believe that the five men they apprehended were on their way to the airport.

A total of five bombs were eventually found, bombs that were homemade, yet still sophisticated enough that the makers would need to do some research and have a decent amount of knowledge regarding bombs. There was also a letter written in Arabic found inside a plastic bag — the same plastic bag in fact that held the bomb itself.


Yet liberals were attacking Trump for describing the attack as a bombing.

We’ve seen this kind of dishonesty from the liberal media before. Remember the Orlando nightclub shooting? That was another instance of Islamic terrorism, yet liberals turned it into an issue of gun control and homophobia, despite the fact that the shooter was a Muslim radical.

There’s no way that we can effectively fight Islamic terrorism if we can’t even acknowledge what it is. Donald Trump, for all his faults, is at the very least willing to call a spade a spade. If we allow liberals to put their agenda before national security, then it will be impossible to keep this country safe.

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