Masked Man Hands Cashier a Threatening Note, Then the Cashier Hands Him SWIFT JUSTICE!

Masked Man Hands Cashier a Threatening Note, Then the Cashier Hands Him SWIFT JUSTICE!

It may seem like a good idea to walk into a convenience store and attempt to rob it, but you never know if the person behind the counter is carrying. It’s a lesson that one robber learned the hard way.


According to the Athens Banner Herald, a man walked into the store on Sunday afternoon and handed the cashier a chilling note, but the would-be-thief had no idea what was coming to him.

The incident occurred about 2:15 p.m., when the would-be thief walked into Lay’s Food Mart on Macon Highway, the paper reported. The cashier on duty was 44-year-old Waymon Fields.

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The thief, wearing a ski mask with eye holes and a hoodie, handed Fields a note that read: “Give me all your money, or else.”

“When he came in I said to him, ‘That’s not a good look to be walking into a store,’” Fields, a former detention officer at the Oconee County jail, told the Banner Herald.

“That’s when he throwed the note up on the counter, then put his hands down in the front of his pants, making like he had a gun,” Fields said. “I always have a pistol at work, so I took it out of my pocket and shoved it in his face.”

Fields always carried protection because he worked at the jail for eight years, and “a lot of ex-inmates come in and recognize me.”

Once Fields pulled out the pistol, he grabbed the thief and after a brief struggle, the thief pulled away and ran.

Two customers pumping gas during the attempted robbery saw the masked man running from the store and thought it was strange. They then jumped into their vehicle and chased the man as he ran until he ducked into some woods and out of the witnesses’ sight.

The masked man had motioned like he had a gun but Fields never saw the suspect brandish the weapon. He recalled that if he had, “I would’ve shot him.”

Of course, if liberals had their way, this man would have been completely at the mercy of the robber, and very well could have been shot and killed. Another case where the second amendment saved the day!

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