Obama Tried To Take Away This Cowboy’s Guns, His Response? …Could Start A Civil WAR

The president’s speech earlier this week promising executive action to infringe upon the 2nd Amendment rights of countless Americans was not particularly well-received, seeing as though Barack Obama offered to make policy expressly voted down by Congress on repeated occasions and a sizable chunk of the country seems to have responded to his previous gun-grabbing pronouncements by going out and stocking up on guns and ammo.

There are lots of people who go even further, though – Obama’s agitation on the issue is, for them, a direct affront to their culture and their freedom, and an insult as well. These are law-abiding Americans, after all, and they don’t appreciate being put upon by the president as though somehow their gun ownership is sinister and his refusal to operate within the bounds of the power delegated to him by the people within the bounds of the Constitution is not.

For example, there was the YouTube-famous Wild Bill For America, who when getting word of Obama’s actions did a little research into past attempts at gun control by this president and his part and came back with a judgement of his intentions – and a dire prediction of what the consequences might be…

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If that sounds over the top, think about the fact that part of Obama’s proposal is to take away guns from certain people on Social Security, whose families have taken over their finances. What happens if those people refuse to surrender them? How many Americans is Obama willing to kill to enforce that idea?

It’s not over the top to say that leftist gun-grabbing could create the conditions for violence. In Connecticut, the legislature passed a law after the Newtown massacre that all guns in the state must be registered – and no one complied. How do you enforce such a law in that environment? Go house to house forcing the registration of those guns or the removal of those not registered? How many people would offer armed resistance to such measures? And how vigorously would law enforcement attempt to carry them out?

We don’t want to find out the answers to these questions, because those answers will be written in blood. Better than Obama and his minions stand down and let the issue alone, but we know that won’t happen. The Hard Left loves gun control, and he does what they want.

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