Rory and Joey Feek Shock Fans With MAJOR Announcement

Rory and Joey Feek Shock Fans With MAJOR Announcement

It’s been very tough, but through all their pain and suffering, the Feeks still manage to praise God. As Joey becomes more ill, and following what they expect to be their last Christmas together here in this mortal world, they still look forward with hope…


Their album “Country Classics, A Tapestry of Our Musical Heritage” is completely full of songs that most country fans (that know the GOOD STUFF) should know! These songs include Roger Miller’s King of the Road, and Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors, and many others!

Rory also dedicated the project to his father who had musical dreams of his own that he never had a chance to fulfill.

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“I dedicated this record to my father, Robert Feek, who passed away in 1988…before I ever made my way to Nashville or heard one of my songs on the radio or played the Grand Ole Opry with my beautiful wife…he would’ve loved where his dream has led me. And I believe he would’ve loved this record.”

Then tragedy set in: Joey & Rory’s daughter (Indiana) was born with down syndrome. Shortly after the birth, Joey was diagnosed with cervical cancer, and just a few moths after that, Rory’s mother passed away.

Do they curse God? Do they give up? No.

“As God often reveals, what seemed like our biggest fears are [in the end] our greatest joys,”

Sometimes the greatest way to deal with the bitter cup is to just drink it, and be strong.

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