Selfie of Dad and Toddler goes viral, then the cops show up asking questions

Selfie of Dad and Toddler goes viral, then the cops show up asking questions

Photographs of happy Dads and their kids are always a great thing to see on social media. That’s until the police get involved and come knocking at your door. The man in the photo with his young child has become the grounds of a police investigation because of the one thing his child was holding. Cops saw the handgun and knew immediately to spring into action. People on social media are unsure if the gun is real or a replica, but it’s still grounds for investigation as a child that age should not be holding a gun – especially a real gun!

Police are investigating a photo that was posted on social media that shows a child holding a handgun.

A concerned resident walked into the Wentworth District offices on Wednesday to report a picture someone texted him on Tuesday that shows a male holding a child who was holding an unknown model handgun, according to Chicago Police. The text message said that the photo was shared on social media.

Andrew Holmes, a community activist, said somebody showed him the photo about midnight Tuesday, and he reported it to police the next day.

“We just lost a 3-year-old boy last week who had his hands on a gun,” Holmes said. “We’re supposed to be leaders and try to keep guns out of children’s hands, yet here she is with her hands on the trigger.”

Police said it is unknown whether the gun is a firearm or a replica or whether the photo was taken in Chicago.

Is it any shock this picture may have been taken in Chicago? That’s the city with strict gun laws. I guess letting small children hold a handgun isn’t on the books yet, or is it?

Let’s hope the picture contains a replica gun, however I don’t think that’s the case. The replica or toy guns usually have an orange tip to notify people that it’s just a toy.

I don’t see a toy in the picture. Do you?

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