VIDEO: Trump supporters fight back after masked liberals attack man’s wife

VIDEO: Trump supporters fight back after masked liberals attack man’s wife

Huntington Beach: A pro-Trump rally was underway in California when it was interrupted by masked liberal thugs from a leftist turd group known as Antifa. Compromised of weaklings and scaredy-cats, the leftist group swoops in wearing their masks because they’re embarrassed of who they are and they begin taunting and attacking people at the rally.

One person pepper-sprayed a woman and her husband wasn’t having it. They chased the man down and one man pummeled him into oblivion and they reportedly held him there until police arrived.

Here is video footage from the event and the butt whooping that the masked jerk received after his unwanted actions at a pro-Trump rally.

A “Make America Great Again” rally in Huntington Beach, California, descended into violence Saturday after a masked anti-Trumper pepper-sprayed and punched event organizer Jennifer Sterling.

Furious Trump supporters flew into action, beating down a group of masked protesters who came just to disrupt their event. A massive brawl erupted, ending with several arrests.

Travis Guenther — whose wife was also pepper-sprayed — chased down the masked man who assaulted his wife and hit him with a flag that said: “Trump, Make America Great Again.”

“I hit him five times with the flag over his head,” Guenther told the Los Angeles Times. “We’re not xenophobic. We’re not racist. We’re just proud Americans.”

The problem with the Antifa group is not that their message is bad, but their delivery is absolutely violent. It’s okay for people in America to be against the President and Republicans. You’re allowed to disagree with government and your opinion is very welcome. The problem is that they don’t know where to draw their line in the sand. They show up to other people’s events, cause violence and usually end up getting their butt kicked or arrested.

Wouldn’t you want to be on the side that does the butt kicking? Wouldn’t you want to be on the side who isn’t getting arrested?

I think the choice is clear. Stay away from events that are not yours. Stop being violent. Voice your different opinion in a peaceful manner. Or…join the other team and stop getting yourself arrested.

It’s okay folks. Come on over. We’re very friendly and supportive of each other.

The best part about us? We don’t wear masks. We’re proud of who we are. Stop hiding behind your masks and join the team who’s making America greater. I say greater because America was always great.

Do you want to get hit with the American flag? Because being a liberal is how you get smacked with a dose of patriotism.

Frank Lea

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